Growing So Well & Other Poems

A poetry book written by Sunita Edirisooriya and illustrated by Amelia D H Tovey, self-published on 13th August 2020.

76 pages, including 38 illustrated poems. Paperback.

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Words from the author, Sunita Edirisooriya:

I wrote these poems to help me navigate my own feelings through the unrelenting tides of life. It can be so difficult to find the words to express how we feel. Grief deepened this for me. Its unspoken nature can be daunting; the cacophony of unfamiliar emotions, obliterating. I welcome readers to join me in a process of unmasking my emotions as I endeavour to understand them. To capture an emotion and translate it into a poem was cathartic. To find the words to communicate how I was feeling was such a relief. These emotions are not unique to me. Perhaps in sharing my experience, I can share that same sense of relief. I hope readers may find sanctuary inreading these poems as I have found in writing them.

Words from the illustrator, Amelia D H Tovey:

My illustrations often navigate uncomfortable, changing and tumultuous environments, commonly focusing on environmental and humanitarian issues. Most recently, my graduate project documented the beginning of lockdown, visualising feelings of claustrophobia and isolation and exploring uncertain horizons. This internal reflection drew me to Sunita’s poetry. The project became a really helpful process of learning about, understanding and visualising grief - a topic that I have limited experience of and often find difficult to approach. Ultimately, I believe art should be a tool to help people; whether that’s a call to action, bringing light on current events or opening up a space for self-reflection.